Estimated Time – Lender

StatesLicenseEstimated Approval Time
1ALMtg Lender45-60 DAYS
2AKMtg Lender45-60 DAYS
3ARMtg Lender45-60 DAYS
4AZMtg Lender60-90 DAYS
5CA Mtg Lender75-90 DAYS
6COMtg Lender45-60 DAYS
7CT1st Mtg Lender45-60 DAYS
8DCMtg Lender45-60 DAYS
9DEMtg Lender60-90 DAYS
10FLCorrespondent Lender45-60 DAYS
11GAMtg Lender60-90 DAYS
12HIMtg Lender60-90 DAYS
13IAMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
14IDMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
15ILMtg Lender60-90 DAYS
16INMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
17KSMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
18KYMtg Lender45-60 DAYS
19LAMtg Lender45-60 DAYS
20MAMtg Lender60-90 DAYS
21MDMtg Lender60-75 DAYS
22MEMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
23MI1st Mtg. Lender75-90 DAYS
24MNMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
25MOMtg Lender60-75 DAYS
26MSMtg Lender60-75 DAYS
27MTMtg Lender45-60 DAYS
28NCMtg Lender75-90 DAYS
29NDMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
30NEMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
31NHMtg Lender75-90 DAYS
32NJ1ST Mtg Lender90-105 DAYS
33NMMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
34NVMtg Lender120-180 DAYS
35NYMtg Lender120-180 DAYS
36OHMtg Lender90-105 DAYS
37OKMtg Lender60-75 DAYS
38ORMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
39PA1ST Mtg Lender60-75 DAYS
40RIMtg Lender60-75 DAYS
41SCMtg Lender60-75 DAYS
42SDMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
43TNMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
44TXMtg Lender60-75 DAYS
45UTMtg Lender60-75 DAYS
46VAMtg Lender45-60 DAYS
47VTMtg Lender60-75 DAYS
48WAMtg Lender90-105 DAYS
49WIMtg Lender30-45 DAYS
50WVMtg Lender60-75 DAYS
51WYMtg Lender45-60 DAYS
These estimates are our best estimate based upon following assumptions:
[1] Period starts from date Application is submitted to State
[2] Application will not be submitted until the Application is complete in all aspects
[3] No unusual occurrances at the state like loss of examiners, sudden flood of applications, new applications with more complex requirements
[4] Client is able to provide to Thomas Law within a short time all the additional items requested by the State
[5] No major changes by the client such as name change, address change, principals change, economic difficulties