Mortgage Licenses


To start a National or Regional Licensing Program:

Step 1:  Call Herb Thomas at 214-692-7611 and schedule a conference.

Step 2: You will describe your Business Model and your desired Footprint to Herb.

Step 3:  Herb will analyze your Business Model and identify the proper mix of Licenses and/or Exemptions necessary to get you into business while being in complete compliance with state licensing laws. 

Step 4:  Herb will design a Licensing Program and Timeline that meets your start date.

Step 5: You will go below to the State Licensing Products gallery, select the Licensing Package, click Add to Cart, then complete the Checkout and Payment process. 

Step 5:  Once Herb is hired,  he will direct the implementation of the Licensing Program and monitor the Timeline to assure consistent progress. 

State Mortgage License Packages (Volume Discounts):

Thomas Law Firm will design, plan and implement your Mortgage Licensing Project all the way to approval. We will get your Company into business faster!
Number of State Mortgage LicensesType of State Mortgage License Standard Price @ $1000 per LicenseTotal Discount Volume Special Price Click Button to Add to Cart to Purchase and Checkout
One (1)Broker/Banker/Servicer$1,000$1,000Add to Cart
Three (3)Broker/Banker/Servicer$3,000$2,500Add to Cart
Five (5)Broker/Banker/Servicer$5,000$4,000Add to Cart
Ten (10)Broker/Banker/Servicer$10,000$7,000Add to Cart
Fifteen (15)Broker/Banker/Servicer$15,000$9,000Add to Cart
Twenty (20)Broker/Banker/Servicer$20,000$10,000Add to Cart
1 additional state after purchase of 20 statesLender/Servicer/Broker1000500Add to Cart
Branch Office LicenseLender/Servicer/Broker500250Add to Cart
Addition/change of Executive OfficerLender/Servicer/Broker300200Add to Cart
Change of AddressLender/Servicer/Broker300150Add to Cart
FHA/HUD Lender ApprovalNon supervised Mortgagee Lender30001500Add to Cart