State Law/SEC Compliant?

Is your company State Law and SEC Compliant?

What?   To be compliant with the state laws, your Company MUST hold State Mortgage Licenses or Exemptions. 

Who? Every new Company entering the Mortgage Industry.

Why?  Your Company’s violations of state and federal laws [SEC and Licensing] will cause Penalties, Fines, Cease and Desist Orders.

Where?  All 50 states and DC

When?  Before your Company can start business and generating Revenue.

How?    Herb Thomas will design and conduct your Due Diligence Project.

NMLS Compliant?  Does your Mortgage Company need State Mortgage Licenses or Exemptions? It is your duty to know and be compliant with State Mortgage Licensing Laws.

CALL TO ACTION: Thomas Law Firm assists you in Confirming whether your Company needs State Mortgage Licenses or Exemptions. Then we design a Plan and then we execute your Plan.

SEC Compliant? : Have you conducted your Due Diligence as to whether State Mortgage Licenses are required so your Investors can be notified of this Risk Factor? You do not want to face the charges of securities fraud for not doing your Due Diligence, do you?

CALL TO ACTION: Thomas Law Firm assists you in conducting your Due Diligence as to whether State Mortgage Licenses are required. Then we design a Plan and then we execute your Plan.

The Best of All: We keep your Mortgage Company compliant!

To start a Due Diligence Project:

Step 1:  Call Herb Thomas at 214-692-7611 and schedule a conference.

Step 2: You will describe your Business Model and your desired Footprint to Herb.

Step 3:  Herb will analyze your Business Model and design a Due Diligence Project to determine Licenses and/or Exemptions necessary to get you into business and be compliant with state licensing laws. 

Step 4:  Herb will create a Timeline for your Due Diligence Project that meets your start date.

Step 5: You will go below to the gallery, select the Compliance Package, click Add to Cart, then complete the Checkout and Payment process. 

Step 5:  Once Herb is hired,  he will direct the implementation of the Due Diligence Project and monitor the Timeline to assure consistent progress. 

Compliance Project Packages (Volume Discounts):

Thomas Law Firm will design, plan and implement your Compliance Project all the way to compliance. We will get your Company into business faster!
Number of State Mortgage LicensesType of State Mortgage License Standard Price @ $1000 per LicenseTotal Discount Volume Special Price Click Button to Add to Cart to Purchase and Checkout
1 State Compliance Package 10001000Add to Cart
3 State Compliance Package 3,0002500Add to Cart
5 StateCompliance Package 5,0004000Add to Cart
10 StateCompliance Package 10,0007000Add to Cart
15 StateCompliance Package 15,0009000Add to Cart
20 StateCompliance Package 20,00010000Add to Cart
30 minutesConsultation200200Add to Cart
60 minutes Consultation400400Add to Cart
Small Item Purchase5050Add to Cart
1 month Rent500500Add to Cart
1 month MLO15001500Add to Cart